The difficulties of being a Curefan
Curefan Pain #78

Getting your “lol”s mixed up.

Curefan pain #77

Robert Smith singing “All I want is to hold you like a dog”

I think this could be Curefan Pain #76. It’s a good Pain though!

I think this could be Curefan Pain #76. 
It’s a good Pain though!

Curefan pain #75

The price of tickets for the London show

Curefan pain #74

Dreaming about having a coffee with Robert, and then realizing they will probably never be back to your country again…

Curefan pain #73


Curefan pain #72

Never learning the true secrets to Robert’s 1982 hair.

Curefan pain #71

uncontrollable sobbing

Curefan pain #70

Listening to ”Lovesong” and pretending robert is singing to you when you perfectly know he’s singing to Mary

Curefan pain #69

That moment when you see them in concert but can’t brag to your friends because NONE of them listen to the band and just see them as “that weird band”.